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"Your Power Behind the Mask" Programme...

Do you ever think ‘There has GOT to be more to life than this!’

Your Power Behind the Mask is a programme for women who look successful on the outside, but feel disconnected on the inside.

Is this you?

* You have been knocked by a life event (redundancy, divorce, illness...) and want to get back on track, or find a new way forward.
* You know you are on the ‘wrong path’, and no longer enjoy your work and / or life. * You find yourself feeling more stressed than happy most of the time and have forgotten what ‘fun’ is.
* You are experiencing the Imposter Syndrome and feel like a fraud. You have worked hard to get to where you are and look ‘successful’, but there is still something missing.

More importantly, you are ready for change, and open to thinking and doing things differently and moving forward.

As we go through life, we learn to create different Masks in order to fit in and gain approval - sometimes we’re not even aware we’re doing it. It isn’t until we start feeling trapped or stuck that we realise something isn’t right.

This programme is delivered in ten one-to-one sessions (face to face or on-line) over approximately 4 months, and:

* Looks at what is and isn’t working in your life right now, and why (in your work or personal life, or both).
* Identifies what you personally need to make you feel happy and successful, how this is being fulfilled right now, and what you want to change.
* Identifies whether your current belief system is supporting you to grow, or holding you back and causing you to feel stuck. How is the ‘law of attraction’ working for you? What do you want to bring in, and in order to create space and energy to allow this, what do you need to release and let go of?

How powerful is your relationship with yourself? Get this bit right and it will impact on every area of your life.

Our true power lies behind our Mask, and the stories we tell ourselves about work, life, relationships, money, and most importantly about ourselves and what we deserve. This programme is tailored to work on the areas you most want to change.

If you’d like to arrange a ‘Curiosity Chat’ to find out more, & to see whether I can help you, please drop me an email to with ‘Curiosity Chat’ in the title, and I will get in touch with you to arrange a call.

About Sindy Kaur

My background is in the Corporate world, and I worked for a major multi-national company for 13 years. I was involved in international marketing, strategic marketing, global trends management, working with celebrity makeup artists, and travelling to find new ideas for some of the leading UK beauty brands.

On the outside everything looked great. On the inside things were crumbling. Over time I started to feel more and more disconnected and eventually burnt out. Burnout was followed by redundancy, and I lost not only my job and income, but the whole identity I had worked so hard to create.

At this point I had to totally re-evaluate my life, and as part of my own recovery I discovered coaching. This helped me to put my life back together in a way that subsequently saw me achieving things I would never have dreamt of before. I qualified as a coach in 2005, and since then I have worked with a variety of women from all walks of life.

I now help professional women to understand and break down self imposed barriers around confidence, self-belief, to re-define ‘success’, and to re-build a life that is more aligned to what is really important to them. The transformations I see time and time again over a fairly short period of time still give me goose-bumps, and what I’ve learnt is this: Dare to believe in ‘magic and miracles’, and you will be amazed at what is possible!


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